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How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West
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Aloy is zeroing down on Londra’s location, but there’s a huge door that leads to a volcano in the way—and it’s locked. The quest For His Amusement in Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC Burning Shores takes you to a huge park in post-apocalyptic L.A. filled with huge neon holographs of dinosaurs, and finding a way through that huge door won’t be so simple. This guide will show you how to open the volcano door in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores and save you some time.

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How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

When you get to the volcano door (also called Pangea Pompeii Door), scan it with your Focus, and you will get the info that the door is controlled remotely from the Armory facility security room. That naturally means that the Armory is our next destination.

Armory door in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

The huge park where For His Amusement takes place can be disorienting, but you need to head back until you see a huge T-Rex hologram. The Armory is in the secluded section in front of the big scary dinosaur, but once you get there, you will find just another locked door. The note next to it will point you toward a Quen named Fedder who has the key to the Armory, and we explain how to get it in a separate guide.

Investigate the Armory in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

Once you retrieve the key from Fedder in Raptor Raid, head back to the Armory and open it. Inside, you will have to interact with three objects to investigate:

  • A Zenith’s storage unit
  • Storage jug (that pops up when you use your Focus to scan the room)
  • Test tubes
  • A note on the bed

Seyka opens the door to the next room, where you have to open the vent using your Pullcaster. When you get out of the vents, interact with the console in the adjacent room, but you won’t be able to use it yet—it’s missing an energy cell.

How to Find the Energy Cell in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

To find a new cell, go back to the room where you got out of the vents and explore the area to the right. In the middle of the corridor, you should turn left and look through the broken window. You will notice a cracked wall that you can bring down with your Pullcaster, but make sure to aim at it from the left side of the window, which can be a bit tricky.

Using the Pullcaster in the Armory in Burning Shores
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Go back to the corridor and pass through the opening that you just created. You will find the new energy cell in that room. To bring it back to the console, go to the first room to the left in the corridor of this area, where you can ignite some Firegleam and create a doorway. You can now bring the battery to the console and replace the old one with no issues.

Reset the power and interact with the console to trigger an illuminating cutscene. After the cutscene ends, the volcano door will be open.

Go ahead and explore, and if you need more help, check out our other Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores guides in our dedicated section on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West


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