How to Open the Secret Door at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite

fortnite shuffled shrines feature

With Fortnite’s v21.20 update came a new named location Shuffled Shrines and a mysterious doorway to hidden treasures. This secret entrance is inspired by Indiana Jones’s arrival on the Fortnite island, and can only be opened by completing a puzzle… Find out here how to open the secret door at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite!

How to Find and Open the Secret Shuffled Shrines Door

Within Shuffled Shrines main structure is a huge door that looks like a face, and four stones. The four stones have coloured symbols on them and players can interact with them.

The secret door is behind this stone face (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

You can try to move the stones around and get inside but there is a trick to finding out the sequence needed to unlock the entrance. Dotted around the main structure are other excavated stones with the same symbols on them. Find each one and note the colours. These colours will change every match.

stones fortnite secret door
The stones tell you what colours the interactive runes will need to be (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The order of the coloured stones around the location reflect the colours of the stones outside the door. Write them down if it will help you remember the order. The stones are in these rough locations:

secret stones locations fortnite
Secret stones locations (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once you have turned the stones outside the door to show the right colour order, the door will open. The walls inside have poison dart traps so move quickly, and maybe take some healing spray with you.

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Go inside, if you dare! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

At the end of the trap-lined walkway there is a cavern containing a TomatoHead relic. When you pick it up it will activate a rolling ball so move quick! The doorway on the left or right will contain rare chests and help you escape the giant rolling ball. Getting in and out of this place alive is part of your Indiana Jones bonus quests!

Take the relic and RUN! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once you have picked up the relic and the boulder has rolled down, the quest is complete. You will hear exciting Indiana Jones music! That is all you need to know about how to get into the secret door inside Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite! Good luck- you will need it!

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How to Open the Secret Door at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite


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