Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 week six challenges are live and active. Players can complete the different array of challenges to level up their battle pass for cool-looking skins and other items. One of the challenges in week six of Fortnite’s latest season is to open three safes. In this guide, we will show you the location of safes in Fornite and how to open them.

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Opening a safe in Fortnite will give players 150 Gold Bars. Meanwhile, completing this weekly challenge will grant players a whooping 24,000 XP. So, without any further ado, let us check out the safe locations.

Fortnite Safe Locations

The safes in Fortnite spawn at random locations throughout the game map. Moreover, if you find a safe at a particular location. It is not guaranteed that you will find the safe at that same location in another match. In simple words, the location of safes is cycled in every match.

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Here are the best locations to spot safes in Fortnite. The credit goes to a YouTuber named HarryNinetyFour. We have linked the original video. In case, you find it hard to locate the safes.

Image Credit – HarryNinetyFour

Pleasant Park is a fine location to complete the open 3 safe challenge of Fortnite. Below you will find the marked locations, explore them and you will find safes. Which you can open by holding your interact key.

Image Credit – HarryNinetyFour
Image Credit – HarryNinetyFour

Here check the marked house attic for a safe. If it’s not spawned there. Then check out the houses on the right side. They also have a possible safe spawn.

Image Credit – HarryNinetyFour

In the above location, the safe is located on the top floor room. Right next to the drawing table.

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