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How to Open Chests in the Room of Requirement | Hogwarts Legacy Guide

How to Open Chests in the Room of Requirement | Hogwarts Legacy Guide
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The Room of Requirement is the iconic Hogwarts location that serves as your home base in Hogwarts Legacy. It was heavily featured in the gameplay demos we had the chance to see before the official release, but players don’t get access to it as soon as you may think.

While the Room of Requirement quest mostly serves to help you finally set up and personalize your space, it also contains some lootable goodies and two chests with gear that are not so easy to get to. This Hogwarts Legacy guide will help you learn how to open chests in the Room of Requirement with no issues or headaches.

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How to open the first chest in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

Before the Room of Requirement changes to meet your needs, you get to explore it as the Room of Hidden Things, with stacks of lost items piled up over the centuries everywhere around you.

Soon after you learn the Evanesco spell and Professor Weasley leaves you to your own devices, you will stumble upon the first chest. This one is not difficult to reach. You just need to cast Accio on the movable wooden crate and use it to climb to the chest and loot it.

How to open the second chest in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

The second chest in the Room of Requirement is located near the end of the exploration segment, soon after you pass through some floating red lanterns and right before you meet Deek. If you use Revelio, you will see three movable crates (with the chest on top of one) in two small enclosed areas.

Opening that chest is a bit more complicated, because you can use Depulso to move the crate on the right and crawl into a small area, but that only gives you a view of the chest and not actual access to it.

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To open the second chest in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to think as a witch or wizard and use the combination of Accio, Depulso, and Levioso spells. Once you get inside the enclosed area to your right, use the opening in the barrier to cast Accio on the empty crate in the other room and pull it toward you as much as possible.

You will need to crawl back to the main corridor and use another opening in the wall to cast Accio on the crate with the chest. Then, cast Levioso on it to make it go up and float. Return to the first enclosed area and cast Levioso on the crate that you moved initially to crawl in, but make sure that it’s next to the barrier.

Second chest in the room of requirement in hogwarts legacy
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Climb the levitating crate and cast Accio on the chest and the crate that are still levitating in the other room. When you pull it close enough, you should be able to interact with the chest over the barrier and open it to receive an Extraordinary Unidentified Back item, which is later revealed to be the Twilight Cloak, with 35 Offence stats.

Now that you’ve looted everything in the Room of Hidden Things, it’s time to move on and play a wizarding interior decorator when the Room of Requirements changes to match your needs. To get ready for conjuring and manipulating furniture, as well as all aspects of your wizarding journey, check out our Hogwarts Legacy section.

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How to Open Chests in the Room of Requirement | Hogwarts Legacy Guide


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