How to Not Go Bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update


In Bitlife, players have the liberty of choosing from a variety of real-life careers and working in their respective roles to get promoted and climb up the ladder to become successful.

The new Bitlife Business Update has added a new feature to the game which can see players become CEO of a business. Players will notice a Performance bar at the bottom of their profile after they’ve become CEO of a business. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to not go bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update.

How to Not Go Bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update


The performance bar indicates the health of your business in terms of overall sales and the quality of products you’re making for customers. Some players might find it difficult to understand what goes into this score and how to improve it by running their business as best as they can to avoid going bankrupt.

Below are some of the best ways you can improve your business and avoid going bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update:

  1. If your company can afford it, confidently add 10-20 stores each year.
  2. Start a Team Building exercise for employees, it helps.
  3. “Recognize” the pop-up employees doing good.
  4. Give out bonuses each year for top/pop-up employees.
  5. Give your employee payroll a raise to keep them motivated, one raise is fine.
  6. Do not accept the first offer you receive to sell your business. Continue to build it up for years until you receive an offer you’re satisfied with.
  7. Look for a new supplier each year to find the best deal. Not always the cheapest, but best for the quality you get.
  8. Find an industry with high demand and low competition.
  9. Get a few factories once you are making profits each year to keep up with supply and demand.

These are some of the ways you can avoid going bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update and we hope you have found them helpful. Happy Gaming!

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How to Not Go Bankrupt in Bitlife Business Update


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