How to Move Faster in Crab Game – Movement Guide


Players of Crab Game love its ultra competitive multiplayer gameplay, and live for the next tip to increase their speed and movement. Crab Game is inspired by the Netflix hit series Squid Game, a story about a group of strangers competing to be the sole winner of the jackpot prize. To be the last one standing in Crab Game and win the ultimate prize, they must beat their opponents by any means, and this often comes down to who knows the most tricks on how to move through each map.

We can show you right here how to move faster in Crab Game in this movement guide.

Crab Game Movement Guide

Speed While Running: getting some speed is essential in Crab Games. The best mechanic to learn to gain speed is to use diagonal movement. You can use this trick with most other movement mechanics such as jumping or climbing. To run faster you should use either of these combinations:

  • SHIFT + SPACE + W + A
  • SHIFT + SPACE + W + D

Using diagonal movement increases speed while running by quite a lot so try it out next time you are racing someone!

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Speed While Climbing Ladders: as mentioned above it is possible to use the diagonal movement mechanic while performing other movements to increase the speed also. To climb a ladder faster than a normal climb use either of these combinations:

  • SHIFT + W + A
  • SHIFT + W + D

To get off a ladder quickly you can slip off the side by holding W + A or D. It is also possible to jump from a ladder by holding SHIFT + S + JUMP.

Speed While Jumping: jumping can also be combined with a diagonal movement to increase speed. A popular way to jump in Crab Game is to Crouch Jump while running (SHIFT). This can be achieved by using the following combination:


Jumping can be boosted when using tires in 3 different ways: Normal, Crouch, Super:

  • Normal Jump – press SPACE as soon as you run to a tire
  • Crouch Jump – press CROUCH as soon as you run to a tire
  • Super Jump – press Crouch + JUMP

Speed While Sliding: gain speed by sliding with style by Crouching as you go. The bonus of this mechanic is that you will cancel any potential fall damage you would have been hit with if you did not side as you fell from up high. Crouch Slide can also be used if running and jumping against a wall.

Those are all the ways you can gain speed as you play Crab Game. Try them out and practice to perfect your Crab Game race! Find out more about Crab Game in our guide section.

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How to Move Faster in Crab Game – Movement Guide


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