How to Melt Earth in Solar Smash 2

How to Melt Earth in Solar Smash 2

If you have downloaded the game Solar Smash 2, then in the next hour you will have a great time and relieve all the stress that you have accumulated during the day. In the game, you are a god that can destroy any planet in the solar system, and there are many ways to do this in the game. But today we will talk about only one of them and tell you how to melt the planet Earth.

How to Melt Earth in Solar Smash 2

First of all, to melt the planet Earth, you need to choose this planet from the general list, and after that, give free rein to your imagination and mock it as you like.

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After you select a planet, you can melt it in several ways:

  • Select the red laser beam on the left side of your screen and use it on all areas of the planet. The planet will start to melt, but the main thing is to be careful not to overdo it, as you can simply cut the planet in half or destroy it.
  • You can also select a nuclear bomb on the same left side of the screen, and if you drop enough bombs on the planet, it will start to burn and melt, and it looks very epic.

But don’t stop at melting the planet, as there are many other ways to destroy it in the game. For example, you can freeze or flood the entire surface of the Earth, and it looks no less spectacular.

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How to Melt Earth in Solar Smash 2


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