BitLife offers a great choice of sporting skills and careers to pursue including martial arts. The martial arts are part of the Mind and Body activities offered to you to help increase your Health and Smarts stats, and raise your Karma. Having martial arts as one of your mastered skills will also help you attack enemies and defend yourself when needed.

Mastering Judo in BitLife

When you are age 8 years you will be able to begin taking Judo lessons which you can find in the Mind and Body tab. All you need to do is tap ‘Practice’ a few times year and you will eventually become a Red Belt in Judo. Once you are a master by age 18 you can then move onto Karate! Follow the steps below to become a Judo Master:

  • Create a character
  • Age them up to 8 years
  • Under the Mind and Body tab, tap ‘Martial Arts’
  • Choose ‘Judo’
  • Tap ‘Practice’ several times each year until you reach Red Belt
  • You are now a Judo Master!
Mind and Body Activities (BitLife)

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This skill is great for working towards many achievements such as Armed and Dangerous (Kill someone using a learned martial arts move), or No Grasshopper (Earn a top belt in a martial art).

Good luck!

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