Bitlife death can happen in many different ways and is signified by blood running down the screen, while Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor plays ceremoniously. If your character was a soldier when they died, Bach is replaced by a sorrowful bugle piece. The screen will show a tombstone or an obituary displaying the character’s stats and the ribbon earned. Check out our guide below on all the different ways to die in Bitlife.

Different Ways to Die in BitLife

  • Surrendering: This method is basically suicide and can be chosen at any point in the character’s life—even at the age of 0. You will achieve a Wasteful ribbon every time this method of death is selected.
  • Old Age: Your character can die due to complications from old age and earn the Geriatric ribbon if they reach the age of 120 or older. The healthier your character is, the more likely they will be to die of old age.
  • Treatment from a Witch Doctor: A witch doctor can cause your character’s death with their treatments, and death is more likely the more you visit them.
  • Failed Murder: If your character fails to murder to someone, there is a high chance they will be murdered by the person they attempted to kill.
  • Assault: Death by assault can happen if the character is shot at, beaten, or ganged up on. The chance of death is increased every time they are assaulted, and they can die from “massive injuries.”
  • Animal Encounter: They can be attacked by an animal, or be bitten and die from the rabies they contract.
  • Failed Rescue: Even in the event that both parties die, your character will get a Hero ribbon for the attempt.
  • Drug Overdose: This can be purposeful or by accident. It is more likely to occur if the character is an addict, but can also happen to children or pets if you are not careful.
  • Struck By Lightning: This is a completely random occurrence.
  • Complications in Surgery: Usually occurs during a cosmetic procedure by plastic surgeons with a low reputation.
  • Mauled by an Exotic Pet: Wild animals can kill your character during training, or regular pets can kill your character if they have a high ‘craziness’ level.
  • Terrorist Attack: Most likely to occur in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, or Venezuela.
  • Military Deployment: If death occurs during a minefield puzzle, the character gets a Hero ribbon.
  • Execution: If your character gets put in prison for murder or attempted murder you can be executed by hanging, lethal injection, firing squad, or electric chair.
  • Unpaid Hitman: Your character must pay the hitman they hired or they will be murdered themselves.
  • Car/Boat/Plane Accident: Choose the wrong option after an accident and your character will die. More likely to occur if the vehicle is in disrepair.
The tombstone shows your character stats and ribbon earned
  • Deadly Diseases/Illnesses: There are many illnesses your character can die from, and many are caused or exacerbated by their lifestyle, general health, or gender. You can send your character to the Doctor to treat a lot of them, and some have a higher rate of death than others:
    • Cancer – high likelihood of death within 3 years if left untreated
    • Yellow Fever – caused by bug bite and is incurable. Death occurs within a year.
    • Scarlet Fever – occurs in children and teens. Can be cured but death will occur within a year if left untreated.
    • Epilepsy – lifelong condition that occurs during childhood. Can be treated but can cause death within 5 years if untreated or treated poorly.
    • HIV – caused by unprotected sex with someone who has HIV and more likely with one night stands. Lifespan with this illness depends on what treatment is used.
    • Alzheimer’s – contracted by elderly characters only. Death occurs between 2 and 20 years depending on treatment.
    • Rabies – contracted exclusively by animal bite. Death can occur within a year.
    • Ebola – death is highly likely between 1-2 years if left untreated.
    • Measles – only contracted as a child. Death is unlikely if it is treated but very likely if left untreated.
    • Sickle Cell Disease – is extremely difficult to cure and time of death varies.
    • Heart Disease – often contracted by unhealthy middle aged characters but can also occur in children. Difficult to cure, can extend life by increasing general health and fitness.
    • Bubonic Plague – death is very likely. Unlocks achievement if contracted.
    • Hepatitis C – sexually transmitted disease that is only contracted as an adult. Death occurs within 3 years. Treatment is unlikely to cure.
    • Whooping Cough – only contracted as a child or teen. Can cause death within a year if left untreated.
    • Mad Cow Disease – can be treated but death is still likely within a few years.
    • Tuberculosis – only contracted as an adult but can be treated.
    • Diabetes – a chronic illness that is hard to treat. Death can occur within 10 years.
    • Appendicitis – unlikely to cause death if treated well. If untreated it can cause death within a year.
    • Coronavirus – if left untreated it will cause death quickly, but death is highly unlikely if the illness is treated.
    • Lupus – death is likely after a year.
    • Malaria – death is very likely within a year.

If you manage to avoid all those different ways to die in BitLife and live to a ripe old age, then that is a real achievement. Best of luck!

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