How to Marry In Elden Ring


Many NPCs in the game will tell you that you are without a girl in Elden Ring. And now you’re looking for a wife in the Interlands? Melina is one of the first NPCs to play the role of your girlfriend. Below we try to explain some details.

How to Marry In Elden Ring

So how do you get married at Elden Ring then? There is one option. It is possible to marry Ranny, the witch if you go through her quest chain and open a certain ending. Now we will tell you how to do it but beware of upcoming spoilers.

  • First, Renna (Ranni) will appear in front of you in the church of Elle. There, if you summon a torrent horse, you will be rewarded with a Spirit Calling bell and Lone Wolf Ashes.
  • If you didn’t manage to find Ranni in the church, you can go to Liurnia of Lakes after defeating Royal Knight Loretta. But then you will be left without a reward from the church.
  • The next time you meet at Ranni’s Rise in Caria Manor, go up to the top floor of the manor where you will find a witch. Choose the option “For no particular reason” in your dialogue when she asks your motive for coming to the manor.

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  • Then she will remember you and you must join her by starting the questline. Then move along it until the moment you defeat the Baleful Shadows. As a reward for this, you will receive a Discarded palace key, which you can use to open the chest in the Raya Lucaria Academy. In it, you will find the Dark Moon Ring.
  • With this ring, you will be able to reach the Lake of Rot. After that, go to the Grand Cloister, located south of the Lake of Rot.
  • There will be Ranny sitting in a small cave. Put a Ring on her finger and this way she will be released.
  • After that, she will accept you as her Lord and expresses the desire of meeting again. She will also drop the Dark Moon Greatsword when she vanishes into thin air.

The next time after this questline, you will be able to reunite with her for the last time after the game is completed. Having called her, she will turn to you “Dear spouse” and say that the Age of stars has arrived.

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How to Marry In Elden Ring


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