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How to Make Sushi in Palia

How to Make Sushi in Palia
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Palia offers a variety of dishes for players to discover on their journey. Once you have learned cooking from Reth, you can begin the search for recipes of all the delicacies in Palia. In addition to crops, selling food can also be a great source of income. One of the best dishes to sell in Palia is Sushi. In this guide, we will help you obtain the recipe for Sushi and provide information on where to find the ingredients to make Sushi in Palia.

How to Get the Sushi Recipe in Palia

Sushi is one of the three fish dishes whose recipe needs to be obtained through fishing. Unfortunately, obtaining the recipe is quite rare and often requires multiple attempts unless you are very lucky. First and foremost, you need to reach fishing level 7 to unlock the Glow Worm farm trade from Einer. You will need to use glow worm bait to have a chance of catching the Sushi recipe.

 Fishing with Einar
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If you haven’t unlocked fishing yet, refer to our Palia fishing guide to learn all you need to know about it.

After acquiring a fishing rod, visit any pond in the game and use glow worm bait to start fishing for the Sushi recipe. You can even use the pond in your home plot to catch the Sushi recipe. However, since glow worms can be quite costly, we don’t recommend using them excessively until you obtain the Sushi recipe.

Here’s a trick you can try to catch the Sushi recipe using only one glow worm bait. When a fish (or in this case, a recipe) takes the bait, you can identify whether it’s a fish or a recipe before reeling it in. If it’s not a recipe, you can release the fish and cast your line again. Repeat this process until you acquire the Sushi recipe. Once you have obtained the recipe, click on it in your Inventory to learn how to make Sushi.

How to Make Sushi in Palia

To prepare Sushi, you will first need to craft the following items and have them ready in your house:

  • 2 Prep Stations
  • 1 Mixing Station
  • 1 Stove

In addition to these, you will also need to collect the following ingredients to make Sushi:

  • 1 x Dari Cloves
  • 1 x Any Fish
  • 1 x Heat Root
  • 1 x Vinegar
  • 1 x Rice
  • 1 x Sweet Leaf

Once you have everything prepared, go to the Prep Station to start making Sushi in Palia. That’s it! Following this recipe will create three servings of Sushi. While you’re here, feel free to check out our other helpful guides on Palia to make your time in this cozy life sim MMORPG even more enjoyable.

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How to Make Sushi in Palia