In Virtual Villagers: Origins 2, you are able to rule an entire tropical village. You can explore the island your settlement is located on and search for different resources. The items you can obtain from nature are important, but you still need to combine them in order to craft more advanced materials, such as Sulfur. Here you will learn how to make this resource in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2.

How to Craft Sulfur in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Crafting Sulfur in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 is not a difficult task. The first thing you need to do is open the crafting menu. There, you will be able to combine different ingredients in order to create the material you need. In the case of Sulfur, these ingredients are Fertilizer and Limestone—but you will need to learn how to craft these as well.

How to Make Fertilizer in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Fertilizer is one of the materials you will need to craft in order to make sulfur. This item will require the other two ingredients. The first one is Earth, which is one of the basic resources, so you shouldn’t have problems getting it. The second resource is called Mixed Herbs. In order to craft these, you will need to combine Grass and Wheat Grass.

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Once you have both Earth and Mixed Herbs, you will be able to craft Fertilizer.

How to Make Limestone in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Limestone in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 is the second ingredient you will need in order to craft Sulfur. The resources you need to use to make this are Seashells and Stone. You can collect Seashells near the whale bones. Stone is obtainable via combining lava and water in the crafting menu.

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