How to Make Small in Little Alchemy 2


Little Alchemy 2 is a simplistic yet addicting gateway into the world of alchemy. Transmute different objects and elements to discover new materials, and then combine them with existing items to create an endless amount of exciting discoveries! Today, we’ll be looking at how to make things smaller in Little Alchemy 2!

How to Make Small in Little Alchemy 2

Making things smaller in Little Alchemy 2 is quite the feat, as there are many combinations you can use. You’ll need philosophy for all of them, so you’ll want that on hand before you begin.

  1. Philosophy + Bacteria/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide/Ozone/Pebble/Rivulet/Ant/Spider/Bee/Confetti/Scorpion/Seahorse
    • Philosophy: Human + Idea/Story, Chicken + Egg
      • Human: Life + Clay, Time/Tool + Animal/Monkey
      • Idea: Light Bulb + Human/Engineer/Science, Science + Science
      • Story: Human + Campfire/Hero
      • Chicken: Bird + Domestication/Livestock/Farmer/Barn/Farm
    • Bacteria: Life + Primordial Soup/Small/Mud
      • Life: Primordial Soup + Electricity/Time/Storm/Volcano, Electricity/Lightning + Ocean/Sea/Lake
      • Mud: Water + Earth/Soil
    • Oxygen: Sun + Plant/Tree/Grass/Algae, Carbon Dioxide + Plant/Tree/Grass/Algae
      • Sun: Day + Space/Sky/Light, Planet/Sky + Fire/Light
    • Carbon Dioxide: Night + Plant/Tree/Grass, Oxygen + Animal/Fish/Bird, Human + Oxygen
    • Ozone: Oxygen + Oxygen/Electricity, Electricity + Atmosphere/Air
    • Pebble: Small + Stone/Earth/Rock
    • Rivulet: Puddle + Motion, Stream + Small
    • Ant: Grass + Animal/Spider
      • Animal: Life + Land/Forest/Mountain/Beach/Desert
    • Spider: Animal + Thread/Web/Net
      • Thread: Cotton + Cotton/Tool/Wheel/Machine
    • Bee: Animal + Flower/Garden
    • Confetti: Paper + Scissors/Blade
      • Paper: Wood + Pressure/Water/Machine/Blender
    • Scorpion: Dune/Sand + Animal/Spider, Desert + Spider
    • Seahorse: Horse + Ocean/Sea/Water/Fish/Lake

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That’s how you make small in Little Alchemy 2. Have any other tips for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Make Small in Little Alchemy 2


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