Monster Hunter Rise

Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise are generally quite difficult to take down, sporting amazing mobility and tons of different attacks that can make your life hard even if you are a Monster Hunter veteran. Thankfully, the game features some mechanics that can make some hunts easier, letting you exploit status ailments in some clever ways to stop monsters on their tracks and take them down with ease.

Here’s how to put monsters to sleep in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Put Monsters To Sleep In Monster Hunter Rise

The most basic way to put monsters to sleep in Monster Hunter Rise is to damage them so much that their HP reaches critical condition. Once at this point, some demons will try to rest to recover their HP, something that leaves them defenseless and open to all sorts of attacks and combos.

Putting monsters to sleep in this way, however, is not particularly helpful if you’re actually having trouble dealing damage to the monster in the first place. In this case, you should craft Sleep Weapons, which are available for every weapon type. In Monster Hunter Rise, there is a hidden stat that fills up the more you hit a monster with a sleep weapon, and once full, the monster will be put to sleep, letting you go on the offensive. If you use a Sleep Weapon, remember to equip your Buddies with one as well to put monsters to sleep more quickly.

Another way to put monsters to sleep is by using Drugged Meat. Once eaten, the monster will indeed fall to sleep, letting you attack without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, a monster will eat Drugged Meat only if it is fatigued and not aware of your presence, so you will have to be stealthy to use this method effectively.

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