How to Make Money Fast in Work At A Pizza Place – Roblox


Work At A Pizza Place is a workplace RPG on Roblox, free to play on all platforms. Players take on one of the 6 available roles: Cook, Cashier, Pizza Boxer, Delivery, Supplier, Manager. Each player earns Coins which is paid to them via paychecks for a good days work. This money can then be used to purchase and decorate a home.

In this guide you will find out how to make money fast in Work At A Pizza Place – Roblox.

Making Money in Roblox Work At A Pizza Place

When starting the game, players choose a role to perform out fo the 6 available jobs. They can choose to work with customers as a Cashier or Delivery Driver, or perform a more behind the scenes job as a Cook, Supplier, Pizza Boxer, or Manager. Each role earns them Coins which they are paid in the form of a paycheck, much like a regular job.

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Money can come to you in many ways, such as:

  • Daily Checks – awarded to players for logging in each new day
  • Work Checks – awarded to players for working
  • Bonuses – awarded to workers by the Manager
  • Treasure Chests – found by players when exploring other islands
  • Chests – when another player buys something from your chest
  • Selling Items – when exchanging items for Coins at The Dump
  • Money Bags – purchased by players
  • Microtransactions – purchased with Robux
Coin (via Roblox)

Here are our tips on how to make money fast in Roblox Work At A Pizza Place:

  • Teamwork: Play with friends if you can, or find a server that has lots of players. This ensures the team will be working hard on making the pizza place efficient and earning lots of money.
  • Advanced Mode: working in Advanced Mode makes the customer interactions run faster so you can take more orders quickly.
  • Prep Pizzas: prepare pizzas really quickly in the kitchen by making up all 8 cheese pizzas and placing them in the ovens. Then when an order comes in all you have to do is add the topping and close the oven door.
  • Boxing Quickly: place the open pizza box on the path so when the pizza is put inside and lid closed, the pizza goes to delivery automatically.
  • Speedy Delivery: when delivering pizzas, deliver in the order A to C. Drive out from the pizza place and turn right, then follow the road and visit each house in order, parking as close to each house as possible.

As you can see, making money in Work At A Pizza Place really comes down to doing the job as fast and as well as possible. As long as all customers get their food, and the job gets done as efficiently as possible then you will earn money super quickly!

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How to Make Money Fast in Work At A Pizza Place – Roblox


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