How to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans – Guide and Tips

How to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans - Guide and Tips

Shop Titans is a great role-playing game in which you have to create your shop in a fantasy kingdom. You have to sell various potions, weapons, and armor to adventurers, and use the money you earn to improve your shop. To build a truly big, beautiful, and profitable shop you need a lot of money, and therefore, in today’s article, we will share with you some tips on how to make money faster.

Guide to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans

There are not so many ways to make money in the game. Rather, there is only one, namely the profit from your store. But still, a lot depends on how you sell, and your task is to make every action in the game as profitable as possible.

You should know that every purchase is not automatic. After walking around your shop a bit, the customer comes up to you and offers the amount they are willing to pay for the product. You can spend energy to sell the goods at a slightly more expensive price.

Therefore, to earn a lot, you will need to quickly restore energy. Here is how you can do it:

  • Selling any goods.
  • Talking to buyers.
  • Make discounts.
  • Decorate your shop.

Tips to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans

Although you can only make money by selling goods, these tips will help you make money faster:

  • Offer discounts on the cheapest items. The cost of the goods will be halved, but you will get a lot of energy and can spend it on selling expensive goods at an inflated price.
  • Talk to buyers to earn energy, but only do this when you want to make a discount and when you have less than half the energy. So you can get a lot of energy, which means you can sell a lot of goods at an inflated price.
  • When the king comes to you, try to sell him your most expensive item. For any product, the king will pay 5 times more. You need to make all but the most expensive goods unavailable for sale, but you need to do this very quickly.
  • Filter the auction by the last added items and check the items every few minutes. You can buy something very cheap and then sell it for much more.

These are all the tips we wanted to share with you. We hope that you have learned something new for yourself and now you can earn money much faster.

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How to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans – Guide and Tips


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