How to Make Money Fast in Coromon – Guide, and Tips

How to Make Money Fast in Coromon - Guide, and Tips

Almost all modern games now have in-game currency in one form or another, and the new Coromon game is no exception. The in-game currency in Coromon is gold, and there are many ways to earn it in the game. But few people know about the best and fastest ways to get a lot of gold, which is what we will tell you about in our article.

How to Make Money Fast in Coromon – Guide and Tips

Gold is an incredibly valuable resource in Coromon, as without it, it will be very difficult for you to fight other trainers or travel around the game world. With gold, you can buy healing items and buffs for combat, items that will help you scare away wild coromons, or items that will help you find and catch new coromons faster.

How to get gold faster:

  • Use coromons with the Hoarder trait. Thanks to this trait, coromon has a 10% chance to find the item after the battle is over, after which you can sell the item for gold. The effect will work even if it did not participate in the battle but is simply a member of the team. If all 6 team members have this trait, then the chance of finding the item will be as much as 60%. Coromons Armado, Armadil, and Armadon can have this trait.
  • You can also use Coromon with the Robbe trait. In this case, you will receive 50% more gold after winning the battle. Silquill, Gildwing, Golbeak, Patterbit, and Pitterbyte can have this trait.
  • If you don’t have anyone to fight to earn gold, you can always fight the NPCs Marcel and Yatham that you can find on campus. After each of your victories, they become stronger. Therefore, having won, you should change the location and return there again. If this is done, then their strength will remain at the same level. This can be done infinitely.
  • You can also use these items: Gold Magnet and Magnet Hat. These items will also help you get more gold.
  • You can also create a farm with beer fruits, which you can later sell for 500 gold.

These are all the best ways to earn gold in the game. We hope that our article was useful for you.

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How to Make Money Fast in Coromon – Guide, and Tips


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