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How To Make Money Fast In Coral Island

How To Make Money Fast In Coral Island

Earning money fast in farming simulation games boosts your game progress as you can buy tools, facilities, and other things to expand and improve your life as a farmer. And Coral Island is no exception. The game offers many facilities, upgrades, tools, and more that you can buy if you have money. And on the same note, earning money in Coral Island can prove daunting if you are not well-versed in the game. So to help you out, we are here with a guide that explains how to make money fast in Coral Island. 

How To Make Money Fast In Coral Island

Here are some of the best ways to make money fast in Coral Island. 


Coral Island offers a ton of interactable items that you can forage for resources. From Dustbin Cans to different nodes, you can obtain many valuable things that can be sold to get coins.

Moreover, since the game offers Bug Catching as a feature and allows you to plow land almost anywhere on the Island, you can use your Hoe tool to plow pieces of land all around the Island to obtain Bugs and other items that can be sold for quick money. 

Selling Cooked Meals 

Instead of selling crops, you can sell Cooked Meals in Coral Island to earn a ton of Coins fast. So make sure you buy the Cooking Utensils from Socket Electronics and use the different cooking ingredients to make food items and then sell, rather than simply selling the raw materials. 


Fishing is one of the staple activities in Coral Island that can give you a ton of Coins very fast. We recommend you fish near Zarah’s Boat or the Pier next to it to increase your chances of catching the Great White Shark that gives you 845 Coins. 

That is it. Now you know how to make money fast in Coral Island. While you are here, check out these other guides on the game:

Coral Island is a farming simulation game available in early access on PC and planned for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. 

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How To Make Money Fast In Coral Island


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