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How to make Lucky happy in Paleo Pines

How to make Lucky happy in Paleo Pines
Credit to Italic Pig
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If you enjoy farming simulators, you have to play Paleo Pines, the game where Stardew Valley meets dinosaur raising. This is the perfect game for people who love dinosaurs but not always in a setting where they’re scary and want to eat you, the only thing these ones want is to befriend you. The first one you’ll meet is your starter parasaurolophus named Lucky, who is very cute and sweet. Taking care of dinosaurs means seeing that all of their needs are met and that they are happy in return. You’ll start with tending to Lucky before you bring other dinosaurs to your ranch. This is how to make Lucky happy in Paleo Pines.

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How To Check Lucky’s Needs In Paleo Pines

Lucky and the player in Paleo Pines
Credit to Italic Pig

The premise of the game is that you adopted the orphaned Lucky as a baby. All babies grow up though and eventually Lucky became a little too big to live as a house pet. As a result, you move to a ranch in Paleo Pines where she can have plenty of room to run around. When you start the game, you’ll notice that Lucky’s stats tell you she’s unhappy. She’s uncomfortable in this new place without her own personal space and you need to change that. The four things she’ll need are:

  • Her own pen, which you can build with Marlo’s help at the beginning of the game.
  • Herbivore food, which you can purchase in town. To feed it to Lucky, place it in her trough by walking over to it and pressing A.
  • A dreamstone, which is a bit like something to help her sleep. Place it in her pen by pressing A. Press B to collapse and move it if you need to. It’s a bit like a tent, so make sure you have room for it.
  • No dinosaur wants junk in their comfort space, so Lucky needs a tidy pen in order to stay happy. To get rid of any extra debris, you can jump on her back by holding down A. Press A in front of the thing you want to remove to do away with it. Note that if her stamina is low, Lucky won’t be able to clean up anything. If one of these isn’t met, Lucky’s status will change to unhappy. Press the subtract button on the button to check Lucky’s status.
  • Pro tip: you can use the shovel to clean any dinosaur droppings. Yes, they poop in this. It’s good fertilizer though!

This a game that’s both cute and challenging since you need to take care of your dinosaurs. People of all ages will definitely enjoy it. Go check out Paleo Pines today!

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How to make Lucky happy in Paleo Pines