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How To Make Hay In Stardew Valley

How To Make Hay In Stardew Valley

Hay is a useful item in Stardew Valley that you need daily and in abundance to feed your animals. Say, for example, when you unlock the Chicken Coop, you must add Hay in the through or outside to feed the Chickens and obtain Eggs and its large variant to sell and earn Gold. That said, here is how you can make Hay in Stardew Valley. 

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How To Make Hay In Stardew Valley

To obtain Hay in Stardew Valley, players must have the Silo facility, as it allows you to cut and store grass in the form of Hay for feeding animals like Chicken and others. Assuming you have the Silo built up and ready, use your Scythe, one of the five starting tools that you get in Stardew Vally, to cut down tall grass to obtain Hay from the Silo. 

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So what happens is that when you cut down grass around your farm using the Scythe while having a Silo, the facility will convert it into Hay and send it to the Hay Hooper found inside Chicken Co-op and other such buildings. 

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Alternatively, you can purchase Hay directly from Marnie’s Ranch for 50g each. But since you need a lot of Hay to feed your animals, we recommend you make the Silo, which only requires 100g, and start cutting grass to make the Hay on your own and be self-sufficient. 

How to Make Silo in Stardew Valley

You can make Silo in Stardew Valley by talking to the Carpenter, Robin, and having all the building costs ready, which are:

  • 100 Gold 
  • Stone x100
  • Clay x10
  • Copper Bar x5

That concludes our guide on how to make Hay in Stardew Valley. 

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How To Make Hay In Stardew Valley


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