How to Make Good Automation in Plate Up

automating burgers in plate up

Plate Up is the newest cooking simulator-type multiplayer game. If you like games such as Overcooked, Cooking Simulator, or management simulators, this is a wonderful game to play with friends. It’s also quite challenging, with many reporting that the game comes with a deep difficulty curve. However, it’s not too bad once you get the hang of it. One of the things that will help the most is learning automation. This is how to make good automation in Plate Up.

Collect The Automation Appliances

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If you want a fully automated kitchen, you’re going to have to get all the appliances for it. Mixers will help you make dough and cut up food faster, grabbers can automate where things go, and combiners will put food items together for you. Collecting these will turn your restaurant into a well-oiled machine.

Get A Copying Desk

To build up automation, you’re going to need multiples of the objects used for that, ie: grabbers, mixers, etc. To get extras without wasting money, you need a copying desk, which is an upgraded research desk. It is best to try to prioritize upgrading all your equipment because it will help in the long run. With the grabber, the base ones are prone to making mistakes, but the upgraded ones don’t as much.

Collect Extra Filing Cabinets

Customers eating in Plate Up.

Something that will help you with automation is having extra filing cabinets. At times, you may have blueprints to build things but not the finances to build them. By having filing cabinets, you can store them to use the blueprints later once you’ve got the money for them.

Learn The Best Appliances For Jobs

The best time savers in the game are the portioners and mixers. Portioners will take foods such as pizza and cut them to ready them for plating. You can then put them next to an automatic plater and it will do the job for you.

Like tasty food, Plate Up is a game best enjoyed with good company, so definitely check it out today! You can get it on PC on the Steam store today.

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How to Make Good Automation in Plate Up


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