How to Make Glowsticks in Minecraft Education Edition

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The compound creator is a fascinating item in the Minecraft Education Edition, letting you create a plethora of compounds which can be then easily used in crafting.

You can use various blocks which produce elements, such as the material reducer or the element constructor, which finally give you the result of beautifully crafted items, one such item being the Glowstick.

How to Craft a Glowstick in Minecraft Education Edition

To effectively create a glowstick in Minecraft Education Edition, players will need to construct three different compounds within the compound constructor, along with a color dye of the player’s choice. The recipe to create a glowstick requires these ingredients:

  • 6 Polyethylene
  • 1 Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 Luminol
  • 1 color dye of the player’s choosing

The elemental breakdown needed to create the above chemical compounds is given below:

  • Creating one Polyethylene compound requires 10 Carbon and 20 Hydrogen
  • One Hydrogen Peroxide compound will require 2 Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen.
  • One Luminol compound will need 8 Carbon, 7 Hydrogen, 3 Nitrogen, and 2 Oxygen from you.

Once players have their dye and compounds, they can enter the crafting menu of a crafting table to create glow sticks by placing their dye in the center slot, their Polyethylene on the left and right vertical columns’ slots, Luminol in the bottom-center slot, and finally, their Hydrogen Peroxide in the top-center slot.

And there you have it, your very own Glowstick created in Minecraft Education Editon.! You can go ahead and shake it lightly to create a mesmerizing light effect, which takes place due to the chemical reaction that is going on inside the Glowstick.

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How to Make Glowsticks in Minecraft Education Edition


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