The frame is a unique item in Minecraft, thanks to which you can decorate your own home. And starting from version 1.13 of the game, you can use the frame not only in a vertical position but also in a horizontal one. In addition, all that is required to install the frame is just a holder associated with some object or block.

And better than the usual version of the frame can only be an invisible frame in Minecraft, which has appeared in the game since version 1.16. It is easy to guess that the main feature of such an object is to hang a frame on the block, without visible boundaries, thanks to which you can even better decorate your own home. Or you can even use it for more practical purposes, for example, making chests for a strictly defined loot.

In any case, a logical question arises: how to make an invisible frame in Minecraft? The method itself is not simple, especially when it comes to some novice players. Therefore, if you want to understand all the nuances when creating an invisible frame, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the guide below.

How to Make an Invisible Frame in Minecraft?

The usual game way to get the frame in Minecraft will not work. The only way to create an invisible frame is to use admin mode to enter the appropriate command and get the border. Therefore, if this subject is still of great interest, then we recommend that you follow the instructions that are presented below in the next paragraph.

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How to Get an Invisible Frame in the Game?

  • The first step is to open the administrator mode, where you can enter a command, so you should press the “T” key.
  • Next, after the chat window appears on the screen, you should write “/ give @s item_frame {EntityTag: {Invisible: 1b}} 1“.

At the same time, do not forget that all commands are entered without quotes.

In addition, you should be aware that the administrator mode cannot be opened if cheats are not allowed in the created world initially. Since any command is considered a cheat, you won’t be able to enter anything.

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