How to Make a Magic Flask in Lily’s Garden

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To many people on first viewing, Lily’s Garden would seem like your average mat-3 puzzle game. But underneath its simple exterior lies detailed intricacy and various unique elements to the game, which you will need to know how to utilize in order to excel in the game.

One of these elements are Magic Flasks. If you want to know how to make Magic Flasks and utilize them to their fullest potential in Lily’s Garden, then this is the guide for you. Read on ahead to find out more!

How to Make Magic Flasks in Lily’s Garden

The Magic Flasks in Lily’s Garden are one of the several “power pieces” that you can make by combining a certain number of tiles. These pieces, like the Rockets and Bombs, are created through long combo strings, which can be the most essential component in beating incredibly tough levels due to the massive chain reactions caused by them.

Magic Flasks are created by simply combining ten tiles or more. Once they are activated, these pieces will instantly take away any other tile of the same color in the field. The color of the tiles used in the creation of the Magic Flask determines its color.

One thing you need to note is that Magic Flask pieces will be created in the location that you first clicked, regardless of the combo length. If you are creating a Magic Flask piece by combining ten tiles of the same color, the resulting piece will be created at exactly the same location of the tile which you clicked on initially.

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How to Make a Magic Flask in Lily’s Garden


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