A Hopper is one of the many blocks in Minecraft. It is used to catch item entities and as a container to transfer items in and out. Players can even use the hopper as crafting material to make Minecraft with Hopper, and as a red stone component. In this article, we will talk about how to craft a Hopper in Minecraft.

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Materials Required to Craft a Hopper in Minecraft

To make a Hopper in Minecraft, players need a chest and five iron ingots. Now we know many of you might not have chest or iron ingots in your inventory. So here is what you need to make a chest and iron ingot in Minecraft.

Crafting chest in Minecraft

Making a chest in Minecraft is a relatively easy task, players need eight planks of any type. It can be an Oak Plank, Spruce Plank, Birch Plank, or a Jungle Plank. You can get a plank by chopping trees and converting the logs obtained to planks via the crafting menu.

Once you have the items, go to crafting menu and add the planks on the edges of the 3 X 3 grid. Initiate crafting and once it is completed move the chest to your inventory.

Crafting Iron Ingots in Minecraft

To make an Iron Ingots in Minecraft, players need a furnace, fuel like coal, etc, and iron ore. Once you have the items, open the furnace and put the items in the boxes as shown below.

Move the Iron Ingot to your inventory.

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Assuming you have followed the guide so far and have the pre-requisites to make a Hopper in Minecraft. Let us check out the steps involved in making the Hopper in Minecraft.

How to make a Hopper in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, you need one chest and five iron ingots to make a hopper. Follow the below steps if you have those items.

Step 1.) Open Crafting menu.

Step 2.) Add the Iron Ingots and Chest in the 3 X 3 grid as shown below.

Step 3.) Initiate crafting.

Step 4.) Move the Hopper to your inventory.

That’s all you need to know about how to craft make a Hopper in Minecraft. While you are here, please read our guide on how to build a beacon in Minecraft.

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