Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a classic strategy, where a player can build his own village, develop it by exploring the tropical island and Crafting. Crafting feature was added to the Virtual Villager series with the release of the Virtual Villager: Origins 2. This guide will show you how to craft a Holiday Light.

How to Make a Holiday Light

To create items, you need to look for resources all over the island, and some of them will even have to be crafted. And also you must have a Crafting Hat built. This Hat is built by solving the third puzzle.

Firstly, find whale bones, which lie in the east of the island. Villager must drag them to the workbench. Now, to make pickaxes, place a villager next to the workbench and he will do everything himself. Finished pickaxes will spawn near the wall near the anvil.

Secondly, kill the tree. If you drag the villagers to the pickaxes, they will start chopping off the roots of the tree and it will start to fade. (An Apple Seed will fall by the tree, which is needed for the sixth puzzle)

After the tree has dried up, the inhabitants begin to rebuild the Crafting Hut, and then you become able to craft.

So, for Holiday Light, you have to find Glass and Firefly. The first one must also be crafted from Sand and Fire.

Finding the ingredients is easy:

  • The Sand can be taken near the lava in Strange Patch of Dirt.
  • And the Fire itself randomly drops from a burning firepit.

By combining them, in 8 hours you will get beautiful Glass.

It remains to find the firefly. Just drag the villager to the firefly in the evening and it will become yours.

Finally, by combining Glass and Firefly and waiting 45 minutes, you will become the owner of a bright Holiday Light.

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How to Make a Holiday Light in Virtual Villager: Origins 2


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