How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

Almost everything is possible in Minecraft. Players can build huge buildings, cities, recreational areas, etc. But in order to do this, players need to try to survive as long as possible and learn the basic things that will help them achieve any goal. And one of those basic things is a campfire.

Why is Campfire Needed in Minecraft?

One of the first things players will have to worry about in Minecraft is to eat, find a safe place to build a bed and keep the lights on at night. Campfire can help players achieve all of this. A fire can be used to cook food, be used as a smoke signal for other players, helps players collect honey from hives, and acts as a source of light. To create a campfire, you need a couple of items and a crafting table.

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft?

Campfires can be made from a wide variety of items, but three main ones are the following:

  • 3 sticks.
  • 1 either coal or charcoal.
  • 3 logs from any tree.

You should put everything in the following order:

canpfire craft

How to Use a Campfire

Campfires have a light level of 15, and they light up as soon as the player places them. To extinguish a fire, you should douse them with water or use a shovel. To ignite it again, you will need flint and steel, a flaming arrow, or another fiery attack. Raw food can be put on a fire to cook. One item can be placed in each corner, allowing four items to be cooked at the same time. Food is cooked in 30 seconds.

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What Kinds of Campfires Can Be Created?

Minecraft players can create a soul fire by replacing coal or charcoal with soul. These bonfires glow blue instead of the usual orange. They emit less light. The illumination level there is 10 instead of 15.

Players can turn a campfire into a smoke signal by adding one shelf of hay. Common bonfires send smoke up to 10 blocks into the air. When the hay is added, the smoke rises 24 blocks.

Also, a musical instrument can be used around the fire. When placed under a note block, it creates a bass tone.

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