How to Lock Your House in Blocksburg


Roblox Blocksburg is a role-playing city building game where players get to build the house of their dreams and live out their days in Blocksburg, the number one city in all of Roblox! As a homeowner, you control who has access to various parts of your house. Today, we’ll show you how to lock your house in Blocksburg!

How to Secure your House in Roblox Blocksburg

Once you acquire your home in Blocksburg, you can mess with all sorts of settings. One setting in particular that you should look at is your house permissions. Open the House tab from either your mailbox or by clicking on another player, and you can select Manage Permissions.

From here, you can assign different tiers of permissions to specific players. You can use the permission system to keep other players out of your house or restricted to limited rooms by locking certain doors. Here are all the permission levels:

  • None: This is the default permission for all players. Players with this permission level can only knock on your door and ring your doorbell.
  • Guest: Guests can open any unlocked doors and interact with any items inside your home. You can lock individual doors that guests cannot open, giving you more control over your home. Select any door you’d like to lock, and then use the lock command.
  • Roommate: Roommates can edit a plot on your land, but only under the budget you assign them. They can use all doors, items and more in your house.
  • Co-Owner: Co-Owners have all the permissions that the owner has, except that they cannot pay house bills, or manage the house permissions.

You can set the permission level that fits your needs the best. Let’s say you want to invite random players into your home, but you don’t want them to have access to your entire house. You can give them guest permissions, and then lock individual rooms that you don’t want them to enter.

That concludes our guide on locking your home in Roblox Blocksburg. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Lock Your House in Blocksburg


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