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How to Level Up Slimes – Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War Beginner’s Guide

How to Level Up Slimes – Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War Beginner’s Guide
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The bad humans have arrived and it is your job as Leader of the Slime clan to help defeat them for good. To bring peace to the forest once more, you must grow and enhance your clan, and become a strong Slime leader. Companion monsters, weapons, and your own Slime self can be levelled up for boosted stats and strength!

A smart Slime leader makes sure their gear and companions are high powered and levelled up as much as possible before facing any big bosses. Find out how to level up Slimes in Legend of Slime: Idle RPG in this beginner’s guide.

Legend of Slime Slime Levelling Guide

By now you would have started Legend of Slime, got to grips with the basics of idle play and collecting coins to spend on your stats, and are now looking to increase the power of your Slime leader. This feature is unlocked after you have completed a few stages, and unlocked the Mines. If you have not yet unlocked the Mines, you will need to concentrate on playing through the Quest Stages, collecting Coins, and levelling up your Stats first. This will unlock features like these equipment slots: Weapons, Armor, Skills, Relics, and Companions.

Collect Coins to Spend on Stats! (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play(

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Once you have cleared Stage 3-10 you will unlock Mines. Here you can use three different tools to dig down and collect resources: Pickaxe, Bomb, Drill. Dig and mine straight down to find Ore and Gems. The Ore is spent on Research which can aid you in Mining more effectively, and boost power and performance. The research can make a real difference when you are trying to face off with some of the tougher boss stages!

Spend Ore on Research (Screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The ability to level up your Slime comes once you have successfully mined to 250m or further. At 250m you will come across shiny blue Crystal Shards to mine. These are important for levelling up your Slime! At this point you can visit your Slime by tapping the Slime icon on the bottom of your screen and then tapping Change Character. Spend your shards on your chosen Slime to level them up.

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How to Level Up Slimes – Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War Beginner’s Guide


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