How to Level Up Quickly in Roblox Grand Pirates

How to Level Up Quickly in Roblox Grand Pirates

If you are keen on One Piece anime, you will definitely enjoy Roblox Grand Pirates. However, to go on an adventure, you need to have a powerful character. Therefore, it is necessary to level up your hero. How to do so effectively? Read our guide to find out.

Level Up Tips for Roblox Grand Pirates

Generally, the most valuable advice is just to play more. This advice refers to all games with a level-up system. There are only two ways to level up effectively: play more, or contribute real money to the game. If you chose the first one, all you need to do is to complete your career line. So, here are some tips for the career line.

Foosha Village

This is the starter island in the game. You can play on it until level 40. All you need to do here is to complete missions. While completing the first and second missions, you need to beat bandits. Completing these missions will level up you to level 15. The third mission is to beat bosses, and by doing so, you can reach level 40.

Shells Town

This island will be available for you until the 100 level. However, when you reach level 85, you will be required to beat the boss to continue your adventure. Otherwise, you will have to kill marines until you reach level 100, which would be a big waste of your time.

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Orange Town

From level 100 to 160, you will be in Orange Town. Here, you need to beat Bobby Clowns until you reach Level 130. Then, you have to beat Bobby Pirates until Level 145. After that, you need to kill the boss and continue the adventure.

On further islands, you need to do just the same. Level up your character by beating the weak enemies. After that, beat the boss to skip levels and continue the adventure on the next islands.

That is all with leveling up in Roblox Grand Pirates. We hope you found this guide helpful.

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How to Level Up Quickly in Roblox Grand Pirates


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