How to Level up Quickly in Blue Archive

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Wondering what is the best way to level up in Blue Archive? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading this guide to find out the details!

How to Level up Quickly in Blue Archive

The most efficient way to level up your characters in Blue Archive is through the use of reports. You can raise your character’s levels by using reports on the character page.

Reports can be most easily collected by repeated playing in the Base Defense mode, so if raising your character’s level is your first priority, then make sure to devote a lot of your time when playing Blue Archive to Base Defense.

Base Defense is a game mode in which you get attacked by a large number of enemies. Characters with long range attacks, such as Nomi, Tsurugi, and Hifumi, can dominate the games and play a proactive role in Base Defense. Make sure that you prioritize clearing Base Defense with three stars each time, since you can make efficient laps by clearing up when you reach three stars (S Rank).

The higher the difficulty of the Base Defense, the more and better reports you can get. Choose the highest level of difficulty that you can manage to clear to earn reports in the most efficient manner.

Additionally, you can also raise your character’s level by clearing the main missions. However, this method is going to give you pitiful amounts of experience, especially after reaching the middle stage. If you still want to do story missions for any reason, then it’s good to get the experience as a little bonus, but stick to reports if you want to seriously level up.

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How to Level up Quickly in Blue Archive


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