Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Link Skills in Dragon Ball Z: Dokka Battle are a very important part of the game. Improving them will make you much stronger, and some players are searching for the best ways to level them up. You will need to follow some specific rules to make the farming process more effective. This guide will tell you about the specifics of the farming process and increasing the level of your Link Skills in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

How to Farm Levels for Link Skills in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Link Skills have a specific way of leveling up. They start at level 1 and progress during your fights. The chance of the level up is random and based on the amount of stamina the mission needs to start, as well as the number of fights. The bigger these two numbers, the more chance of level up you will have.

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Players in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle have some different opinions on which mission is the best for farming levels. For example, the third stage of the Raditz story event is believed to be good for farming 1-5 levels, while Stages 23-8, 24-8, and 27-3 are believed to be good for farming all 10 levels of Link Skills. Also, different events may be a good place and with new content and updates, places for farming can be changed.

To level up Link Skills, you won’t need to activate them, and you can’t farm levels for them on stages that don’t demand stamina to enter. However, the basics are simple enough. Just choose the most demanding stamina stage with lots of fights. It can be any stage that you have access to. This will improve your chances of leveling up the Link Skills if you don’t have access to the mentioned good missions for farming. Good luck in your battles.

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