How to Level Up Fast in The Sims Mobile: Tips and Cheats


Looking to level up your Sim fast? You’ve come to the right place. In The Sims Mobile, some items can be only be purchased, obtained or doable after you’ve reached a certain level

This means you can’t buy certain furnitures, clothes, visit new locations or even get married until after reaching a particular level in the game.

So in this guide we’ll be showing you three basic steps on how you can easily and rapidly level up your Sim and unlock many of the game’s features in no time.

How to level up fast in The Sims Mobile

Completing Daily Tasks


Competing daily tasks is one of the best ways to level up in any game, not just The Sims Mobile. Every daily tasks will reward you with experience points, sometimes lots of them.

You can earn as many as 100 experience points or more for completing these daily missions. And once you’ve completed all of them, you’ll be rewarded with 135 experience points for your efforts.

Completing Events


One of the most interesting things you can do with your Sim or allow your Sim to take part in are events. Events are connected relationships, work and hobbies and each one you complete will reward you with experience points.

The amount of experience points you’ll be rewarded with depends on the length of the event. The longer the event, the more experience points you’ll be rewarded with.


We advice taking part in shorter events in order to get your experience points faster. I mean since the whole point is to level up your Sim fast. So it’s best to get to go for shorter events.

Engaging in Special Interactions


Not all interactions give you experience points in The Sims Mobile. Infact some of would even drain away your energy. However, some interactions, such as the ones you have at parties, can be worthwhile.

Depending on the activity, you could get around 1 to 5 experience points for every interaction. Their long cool-down time can be deterring. But if you attend a day-long party, these interactions will be beneficial and could even make you enter a new level.

You can also have special interactions outside of parties. Every activity related to creating a family also counts as a special interaction. So getting married, renewing your wedding vows, adopting or trying to have your own kids, etc all count as special interactions.

Also, every interaction you have with a child rewards you with 1 experience point. These activities don’t offer much buy they renew instantly and strengthens the bond between your Sim and their kids.


These are the ways you can level up your Sim fast in The Sims Mobile. There are other ways you can try in the game but they are all still within the aforementioned methods.

We hope the article has been helpful to you in levelling up your Sim. Happy gaming!

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How to Level Up Fast in The Sims Mobile: Tips and Cheats


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