How to Level Up Fast in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight


Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is a fast-paced hack and slash action game. You’ll cut through hordes of vicious foes using slick skills and overwhelming force. You’ll grow stronger throughout your battles, and today we’ll show you how to level up fast in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight!

How to Level Up Fast in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

There are lots of ways to increase the amount of experience you get in Shadow of Death. The most obvious method is to use the XP Boost item before you jump into a stage. These boosts last for the entire stage, and they increase the amount of XP you get by 100%.

Make sure you’re getting all three stars on the stages. Each star you get rewards you with bonus XP, so make sure to get through the stage fast, take as little damage as possible, and kill every enemy you see.

In addition to getting the stars, each chapter has three bonus chests you can open once you’ve acquired enough stars. You can get a lot of goodies from these chests, so grab as many stars as you can. Once you complete a chapter on normal difficulty, you can move onto the next difficulty for more chests to earn.

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Finally, after you’ve completed a stage, you might get the chance for a bonus advertisement. If you see a multiplier button next to your stage results, you can tap on it to watch a short ad, then afterwards your XP will be multiplied by the listed amount. You can get multipliers up to 10 times, so these are very worth it!

If you use a combination of all these XP boosting methods, you’ll level up super quickly in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. That concludes our guide, so if you have any other leveling methods, please let us know in the comments below!

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How to Level Up Fast in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight


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