How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Unite

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Pokemon Unite players have been looking for the fastest ways to get ahead of the competition in this popular free-to-play MOBA. As with regular Pokemon games, experience points and levelling up are vital to becoming the best Pokemon Trainer out there. Here are some hints and tips on how to level up fast in Pokemon Unite.

The more experience points (EXP) you earn , the more you level up so farming EXP is the fastest way to climb higher in the ranks.

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EXP Farming in Pokemon Unite

Here are some of the best ways players can farm experience points in the game:

  • Get the last hit: You gain more EXP by getting the final hit on an opponent. You still get EXP by aiding your teammates in a kill but it is almost double if you get the final hit so it is worth perhaps stealing the kill from a teammate. Just be aware that they might also be EXP farming so this technique won’t win you any friends!
  • Defeat wild Pokemon: Wild Pokemon can be beaten quite easily and give you EXP and Energy Points so it is definitely worth seeking out wild Pokemon across the map. Each wild Pokemon has a set spawn location so that makes it easy to find them and farm them for points. The last hit EXP bonus also applies to wild Pokemon.
  • Defeat Drednaw at Remoat Stadium: Take your team to Remoat Stadium and find Dreadnaw. This Boss Pokemon awards all players a good amount of EXP when defeated!

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  • Score goals: Scoring goals gains players EXP, and gives you a slight advantage of being invulnerable and recovering HP. Defeating Zapdos or Rotum (boss Pokemon) can help your team score goals more quickly and easily too.
  • Bring EXP Share item: The EXP Share is a held item which is helpful to bring if you are a low-level player or a Support member of the team with low EXP. It will increase your EXP by 2 every second but it excludes you from gaining shared EXP when your teammates defeat a wild Pokemon.
  • Stick to your level of play: As you level up you will be able to fight more difficult Pokemon and be able to withstand harder battles. Do not try to fight opponents 2 levels or more above you but stick to your own level. This will make EXP farming less frustrating for you, and gain you more EXP in the long run.

Good luck!

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How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Unite


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