How to Level Up Fast in Dislyte


There are over 60 characters that players can choose from in Dislyte, and with a gacha-style mechanic, it can become pretty hard to keep all of your characters on the same level.

As some characters (your most preferable) get ahead, you’ll most likely get new ones to add to your team. To do this however, you’ll need to level up. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to level up fast in Dislyte.

How to Level Up Fast in Dislyte

The game has two primary ways of leveling up, which we’ll outline in this guide.

Practice Stages: This is one of the best ways to level up fast in Dislyte. You can quickly raise your character levels and choose a strong DPS such as Mona and challenge the level. These can be unlocked near the end of a Story Chapter. You can also utilize the auto-battle feature as well.

Experimon: These can be used to level up quickly as well. Experimon comes in different tiers and just like your characters, having higher tiers provides more experience. You are allowed to use as many Experimon on your characters as you like.

Practice Stages can also be used to upgrade your squads as well. Your Espers will be given more experience points if you have fewer members in your squad. However, you can use your DPS to grind practice levels. In this case, even if your character is defeated in battle, they will still gain experience points.

Lastly, choosing the highest chapter practice stage that’s available to you will give you the most experience and also allow you to grind Experimon easier. You can then use them on your characters to level them up fast.

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How to Level Up Fast in Dislyte


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