How to Level Up Fast in A One Piece Game


A One Piece Game is a Roblox action adventure game where players are dropped into a fantasy world based on the hit anime and manga series, One Piece. Train your fighting skills up and sail the seven seas in search of legendary treasure! Today, we’ll show you how to level up fast in A One Piece Game!

Leveling Up Quickly in A One Piece Game

In A One Piece Game, you’ll be fighting against various foes as you sail from island to island. There are multiple weapon types to choose from—you can go old-school with your bare fists, or you can slice and dice with a sword.

Whichever weapon you decide on, you’ll get better at using it the more you do it. You see, experience and leveling up works a little differently in A One Piece Game. Instead of collecting general experience points, you level up different attributes of your character individually.

There are seven main stats in the game: strength, stamina, defense, sword, gun, haki, and fruit. As you utilize that stat, it will gain experience and level up. For example, if you use a sword to fight a lot, your sword stat will be high while your gun stat won’t grow as much.

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So, if you’re trying to level up a certain stat quickly, make sure to be constantly using that stat. If you’re trying to level up guns, you’ll want to be using guns most of the time.

Make sure to take advantage of the AFK Training as well. Whenever you’re done playing the game, you can head into the AFK Training server by clicking on the button at the top of the screen.

You select one of the seven stats, and every minute you’ll gain some experience for that stat. It seems really slow at first, but if you’re planning to be away from the game for long periods of time, this can be a surprisingly quick way to gain levels in a certain stat!

Also, be on the lookout for special events. For example, right now the game has a boosted XP event going on, with experience gain rates increased. These events happen occasionally, so make sure to play a lot when they’re active.

That concludes our guide on how to level up fast in A One Piece Game. If you have any other tips for gaining experience fast, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Level Up Fast in A One Piece Game


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