How to Level up Character Power (CP) Fast in NI No Kuni: Cross Worlds


Do you want to demonstrate how strong and mighty you are to everyone in the game? You will need to level up your character power in this case. If you intend to increase the power, you may do multiple things like crafting new weapons and leveling up. So, for your character’s power to reach the maximum level, you need to take care of suitable equipment and stats.

To sum everything up, the character’s power is like the number of strength that is connected to your main protagonist.

We have prepared a detailed guide covering how to level up your character power in the game. Are you interested in getting more information? Keep reading the guide to know it all!

Leveling up Character Power (CP) Fast in NI No Kuni: Cross Worlds

The most efficient way to make your character more powerful is by leveling up your increased attributes. Do you want to achieve this? Just complete the main story quests as well as side quests that can be met throughout your journey.

Additionally, head to the menu (hit the three-dashed symbol on the top right). Pick “Equipment” on the left side and then “Polish.” Here, you will get a chance to upgrade the weapons and armor by sacrificing other equipment. If you owe four-star equipment, it would be harder to upgrade it. Still, as soon as you level up the equipment, it will gain in CP. Once done, your character’s CP will increase. The more potent weapons overall are, the better.

Now you know how to level up your CP fast in NI No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Follow this guide to reach the desired result. Have fun and keep reading our guides!

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How to Level up Character Power (CP) Fast in NI No Kuni: Cross Worlds


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