How to Land Headshots in PUBG: New State

How to Land Headshots in PUBG: New State

In battle royals, different types of weapons usually do different amounts of damage. Moreover, other parameters also affect the damage. It would seem that everything is simple: shoot in the head, and you will succeed! But no. To consistently kill enemies with headshots, you need to follow a number of rules and practice a lot. This is an art available only to experienced and persistent players. In this guide, we will help you to learn to do headshots in PUBG: New State.

Sensitivity to Do Headshots in PUBG: New State

This is the first thing you should do after logging into PUBG: New State. The sensitivity should be adjusted so that you can comfortably move the cursor and easily bring it to the desired point on the screen.

To customize your cursor, we recommend that you select two or three of your favorite weapons and experiment on them. How convenient is it to move the scope? Does it stop on target? Do you feel the tension in your hand when you move the cursor? Answer these questions and customize your controls.

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Crosshair Position

If you want to take a headshot, you should always keep the crosshair slightly above your normal position. Moreover, the closer the target is, the higher it should be. 

When training accuracy at the training range, try to automatically aim the crosshair at the head. It will take time, but it will pay off in the long run. You will quickly deal with opponents and make more kills than before. 


Understanding the game is what separates experienced PUBG: New State players from new ones. This includes determining the general vector of the development of the match, anticipating the movement of opponents, and a good sense of timing. Timing comes from competitive shooters like Counter-Strike. It means a pause before performing an action – going to the shooting position, delivering smoke, or simply starting to move to a given point.

Since we are talking about headshots, the timings when entering the shooting position and when the trigger is pulled are important. They can be trained only in a match. For example, you can vary the timing of the appearance from behind cover during a duel with an opponent.

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How to Land Headshots in PUBG: New State


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