How to Kill the Cop in Twelve Minutes

How to Kill the Cop in Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is a curious quest where the main character gets stuck in a time loop. On an ordinary evening, during dinner, a police officer breaks in and kills you. But you can take revenge on him, and in this guide, we will show you how to do it.

How to Kill the Cop

The first time you try to fight off a cop, you always die. After all, he is stronger than you and can overcome you even with his bare hands. But if you stay idle, you will still be killed.

For you to have a chance to kill him, you must first stun him. A faulty switch in the bedroom will help you with this. When you turn it on the first time, it sparks a little, and the second time it will shock you. So before the cop arrives, you must turn this switch on and off once.

However, this is not all, if you do not get rid of your wife, the cop will kill you again. You can either kill her, or you can take sleeping pills in the bathroom and put them in a cup of water. When you do this, quickly hide in the closet and wait for the cop to arrive.

When he comes and starts searching the apartment, he will be electrocuted in the bedroom. He will be stunned for a short time, and you need to have time to search him and pick up the pistol, knife, and zip-tie restraint with which you will tie him. Then you can shoot him in the leg and he will bleed or stab him with a knife. But do not hesitate, even with tied hands, he can kill you.

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How to Kill the Cop in Twelve Minutes



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