How to Prove That Your Wife Is Innocent in Twelve Minutes

How to Prove That Your Wife Is Innocent in Twelve Minutes

In Twelve Minutes, you have a huge number of different actions and combinations. And it is impossible to get to the end of this game in the one-time loop. One of the most important steps is to prove to the cop that your wife is not guilty. And in this guide, you will learn what you need to do for this.

How to Prove Wife’s Innocent

And so you have to go through several loops in order to find out all the necessary information.

First, you must put your wife to sleep and immobilize the cop using the broken switch. And then threatening him with a revolver, you must ask all possible questions and also try to prove that your wife is innocent. But the cop will demand proof.

Now, in a new loop, you must interrogate your wife about her past and also go through all the options for dealing with her.

And the third important point of this mission is a conversation with Bumblebee. You will learn about her from the cop’s phone, carefully studying all the messages to find out everything about her illness. Then, in the following loop, you have to call her from your wife’s phone. You can do this unnoticed in the toilet. But you will be ignored. Therefore, it is important to convince the wife that the photo on the fridge proves innocence. And now when you call Bumblebee, you can persuade her to help you. Then you can hear your daughter calling the cop in front of your door and asking him to listen to you. And this time you can talk to him and prove your wife’s innocence.

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How to Prove That Your Wife Is Innocent in Twelve Minutes


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