How to Keep Stress Level Down in Bitlife

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Bitlife is a popular life-simulation game that lets you become just about anything you want to be and make a living from it. The game allows you to work multiple jobs, start a business of your own and even get married to royalty.

However, in the midst of all these activities, your character is likely to become stressed from working, getting into fights or even being let go from work. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to keep stress level down in Bitlife.

How to Keep Stress Level Down in Bitlife

If your character is stressed in Bitlife, they will be diagnosed with high blood pressure. And you don’t want this to happen because they will be unable to work, which will put them at risk of losing their job(s).


To keep stress levels down, you need to significantly reduce the stress in your life. Also, you need to make sure your character works fewer hours, especially if they’re working multiple jobs. You will have to quit a job or two in order to keep your character healthy and stress-free.

Apart from work, if your character is still in high school or college, you should also lessen the number of activities they do in school. Stress can stagnant your character’s ageing process as well.

Removing stress from their lives will high blood pressure as well as keep them happy most of the time. You should often check how much stress your character is under from the game’s job or school menu.

Careers such as law and corporate usually pay a lot but also come with higher stress levels. So if your boss asks you to dedicate some extra hours, you can decline to do it and might lose some performance points. But if you do decide to put in extra hours, your character could become stressed and have high blood pressure.

Ultimately, putting your character through a minimal amount of stress is best to keep them away from getting high blood pressure in Bitlife.

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How to Keep Stress Level Down in Bitlife


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