How to Join a Friend’s Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

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Multiplayer is a large aspect of any modern-day game, and this is no different with Monster Hunter Rise, the game featuring a co-op and multiplayer feature right at the beginning of the story.

An important thing to note, is that Village Quests cannot be done in multiplayer mode in Monster Hunter Rise. The only quests that can be taken on through multiplayer are Hub Quests. These quests are tougher than Village Quests, but contain the real meat and potatoes of the game.

If you want to learn how to join a friend’s quest in Monster Hunter Rise, then this is the guide for you; simply read on ahead!

How to Join a Friend’s Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

In order for your friend to be able to invite you to a quest, they need to form a party. The following is the process to form a party in Monster Hunter Rise:

  1. Head to the center of town.
  2. Speak with the cat named Senri the Mailman.
  3. Select Play Online.
  4. Select Create a Lobby.
  5. Select a password if you don’t want uninvited players joining your party.
  6. Select the Friends option.
  7. Invite your friend.

If your friend has done all the steps above, you should be able to accept the invite and join the party with your friend. Now, you both enter the hub. The host, your friend, then speaks with the quest lady at the hub and selects a quest, while toggling the option for assistance.

The host then accesses the nearby quest board and selects the quest you have chosen, Now, the both of you can load in and complete your quests together!

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How to Join a Friend’s Quest in Monster Hunter Rise


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