How to Impale Someone in BitLife?

The developers of Bitlife have prepared multiple challenges for all players. To complete some of them, one may need to commit a crime—one such example is impaling someone. We need to warn you that this action may lead to negative consequences, so think twice before you do this. If you decide to proceed in this case, continue reading this guide to understand your further steps.

​Bitlife: How to Impale Someone

The option to impale someone in Bitlife will be given to each player after they unlock the option of committing crimes. First, reach a teenage age, and then right under the Activities, find a tab called Crime. The next step is to hit the button Murder.

You will then be given a chance to choose the person you want to kill and the exact way. Your task will be to select the option Impale. One may need to re-open the menu several times to get this option.

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We must warn you that you have to be careful since, at the moment of the murder, your victim may kill your character instead. If your character doesn’t die, they may be imprisoned for many years (from forty up to eighty). In this case, you will need to hire a lawyer to escape. The best way to avoid this outcome is to run away from the place of the murder.

So, be sure to think twice about whether you want to be involved in the process of killing someone, as the consequences may not be pleasant. Make wise decisions, and have fun!

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