How to Identify and Get rid of Cheaters in Among Us

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Among Us is a sensational cooperative space game once played by all popular streamers. Because of the popularity of the game, many gamers started using cheats. How to deal with this problem on mobile platforms?

How to Identify a Cheater in Among Us

In order to start fighting cheaters, you need to learn how to recognize them. So, cheaters can do the following:

  • In an already started match, the taskbar is instantly and completely filled, followed by the victory of peaceful crew members.
  • Emergency meetings and voting are instantly skipped.
  • The cheater can know who the traitor is from the very start of the match.
  • The cheater can perform traitor actions as a non-violent crew member: use sabotage, use ventilation, can kill other non-violent players. That is, the cheater is able to use all the functions of the game while ignoring the standard logic and game settings.
  • With the help of cheats, the player can move through walls and objects, move very quickly, block the actions of other players, see the entire map, and much more, which gives him an advantage in the game.

How to Deal With Cheaters in Among Us

Now it is almost impossible to find a game where there would be no cheaters. Some players find cheating to be a great way to win the game, and some don’t.

There are quite a lot of them in Among Us. Most likely, everyone has seen cheaters during the entire time of the game, and they gave rise to the idea to turn off the game.

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Let’s try to figure this out. How should you deal with cheaters in Among Us? Here are a few rules that will allow you to get rid of cheaters in Among Us:

  • Try to create rooms yourself. If you notice a cheater before the game starts, you can kick him out of the room or even ban him (the banned player will not be able to return to the room). 
  • During the game, the cheater can be excluded by voting (you need to convince the other players that he is a cheater), but there will be no “Ban” button. It doesn’t matter if the cheater is a traitor or not. 
  • If you still stumbled upon a cheater and understand that nothing can be done, the best solution is to leave the game and start a new one. 
  • Discourage friends or other players from using and distributing cheats (even if they are only used for skins). 
  • Do not use cheats yourself – only honest results bring real pleasure from the game!

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How to Identify and Get rid of Cheaters in Among Us


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