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How to Heal Units in Age of Wonders 4

How to Heal Units in Age of Wonders 4
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No matter how peaceful you plan on playing your empire in Age of Wonders 4, combat is an inevitability. Whether you are faced with an infestation near your Cities, or you are at war with an aggressive empire, you must have the means to defend yourself. Your units lose strength as they are wounded, so healing is important for unit upkeep; here is everything you need to know on how to heal units in Age of Wonders 4.

Healing units in Age of Wonders 4

As your units battle it out with infestation creatures or other empires, they will take damage over time and lose Hit Points, or HP. Units are comprised of multiple members, and individual members start dropping when the unit loses HP, which is what the game refers to as Casualties.

Units suffering from Casualties are weakened and deal less damage. Severely wounded units are not fit for battle and should be tended to as soon as possible, before they are lost for good. To heal a unit, you simply have to wait.

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Units regenerate 5 HP every turn. If a unit is within your Domain, which is the highlighted area surrounding your Cities, they regenerate 25 HP per turn. You should station wounded units near your Cities to heal them over time.

To heal units in a more urgently manner, you must turn to magic. Specifically, the Tome of Faith has a spell called Army Heal, which is a healing spell that can be cast globally. It costs 60 Mana and 60 World Map Casting Points to use, and requires one turn to charge up.

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Some support units are able to cast healing abilities during combat, such as Mending Awakening and Healing Roots. The only caveat to this is that these combat healing spells recover temporary HP, which are lost once the encounter is over. These in-combat spells are more for enduring extended battles rather than actual healing.

Naturally, many of the spells we mentioned belong to the Tome of Faith, and if you are using a different Tome, you have to rely on other methods of healing. Once you acquire enough arcane skills, you can choose a second Tome to expand your skills, and we highly recommend picking up the Tome of Faith if you do not already have it.

Pick your battles wisely. There is no shame in retreating to mend your wounds, as that means you live to fight another day!

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How to Heal Units in Age of Wonders 4