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How to Build an Outpost and Found a City in Age of Wonders 4

How to Build an Outpost and Found a City in Age of Wonders 4
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In Age of Wonders 4, strategic expansion of your kingdom is the key to success. Before you can establish new Cities, you must build the foundation first with an Outpost. Unsure of how City expansion works? We got you covered, as this guide goes over how to build an Outpost and found a city in Age of Wonders 4.

Building Outposts and Cities in Age of Wonders 4

When you enter a new realm in Age of Wonders 4, you will only have your Throne City to your name. You will spend your early turns establishing a good foothold in the surrounding lands before committing to city expansion.

Once you got a good grasp of your immediate surroundings, you can start considering expanding. To do so, you must lead your Hero unit to a Province that is suitable for an Outpost, as only they have the authority to build a new Outpost.

Here is a small tip: Select your Hero, then click on the little castle icon at the bottom of the screen. This causes all Provinces that can house an Outpost to glow green, saving you the trouble of having to manually look for yourself.

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An Outpost is the building blocks for a City, so it must always be built before you can start a City. Once you have found a suitable location for your Outpost, select the Province and then click on the Build Outpost button at the bottom of the screen. Outposts require gold and 2 turns to build.

Once the allotted turns have passed, your Outpost is completed. Any special resource nodes in the Province are considered annexed, just like a normal claim. You can now build additional structures within your Outpost to boost its abilities, or you can found a City.

Founding a City requires a large amount of Imperium, a special currency earned from owning Cities and other factors. If you are ready to found a new City, simply click the Found a City of (Your Empire Name) button with your Outpost selected.

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Wait a couple of turns, and your new City is born! It will generate its own income for your empire once it is up and running, and you can treat it like your Throne City. Just be mindful of your City Cap, located at the top of the screen. You start suffering from economic penalties if you build more Cities than your capacity allows. Expanding your empire is always good, but moderation is the key for good balance.

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How to Build an Outpost and Found a City in Age of Wonders 4