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How to Headshot in Free Fire | Tips and Tricks

How to Headshot in Free Fire | Tips and Tricks

If you’re like me, getting headshots in FPS battle royale games can be really difficult. In Free Fire, like in any game, hitting enemies in the head is the best way to take them down. While shooting at their bodies is still effective, aiming for the head almost always guarantees a kill and helps you win the fight.

However, hitting headshots is easier said than done, because there are many things to consider, such as crosshair placement, sensitivity settings, and so on. In this guide, we have shared some helpful tips and tricks to assist you in landing headshots in Free Fire.

Best tips and tricks for headshots in Free Fire

Crosshair positioning

Crosshair positioning is key to hitting headshots in Free Fire. Many players struggle to connect their first bullet to the enemy’s head because their crosshair is placed towards the enemy’s body. When engaging in a fight, focus on keeping your crosshair at the enemy’s head level. This improves your chances of hitting a headshot when you start firing at the enemy.

Use character abilities

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In Free Fire, characters like D-bee and Dasha have abilities that enhance accuracy and reduce gun recoil. At maximum level, D-bee’s ability increases accuracy by an impressive 45%, greatly aiding in hitting headshots. Dasha, on the other hand, reduces the rate of recoil buildup by 10% and lowers maximum recoil by 10%. I prefer playing these characters to improve my chances of hitting headshots in Free Fire.

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Find the best sensitivity for you

When it comes to sensitivity in the game, everyone has their own preferences based on what works for them. Having the right sensitivity makes it easier for you to quickly move your crosshair and aim at the enemy’s head during fights. If you haven’t adjusted your sensitivity settings yet, we suggest trying out the default sensitivity settings. Experiment with different scopes and adjust your sensitivity so that you can smoothly switch between targets while maintaining accuracy.


Practice is crucial for improving in any game. You can’t instantly become skilled at hitting headshots by relying solely on the best characters, crosshair placement, or sensitivity. Spending time in the training ground is an excellent way to develop the habit of accurate crosshair placement. With time, you become more comfortable adjusting your crosshair to aim at the enemy’s head and hitting headshots in Free Fire.

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How to Headshot in Free Fire | Tips and Tricks