How to Have Twins in The Sims 4 – Twins Guide


The Sims 4 lets players build their own virtual family. You can create a Sim from scratch and let your imagination go wild, or you can base them off your real-life friends and family. Watch them grow, chase their aspirations, and hopefully grow old and start new families. Today, we’ll show you how to have twins in our The Sims 4 twins guide!

Increasing the Odds of Twins in The Sims 4

Before you can try for a baby, you’ll need two Sims with very strong relationships. The whole process will be easier if the Sims are in a relationship or married, so keep that in mind.

When you’re ready, have your Sims flirt with each other. You’ll see a little pink gauge appear—that’s the romance gauge, and the fuller it is, the more romance options you’ll have.

When the romance gauge is about half way full, you’ll unlock the option to try for baby. Choose this option and your Sims will find a nearby bed or couch to do the “business”!

Unlike the previous Sims games, there’s no immediate feedback if impregnation was successful. Make your Sim go to the toilet and select the pregnancy test option, as this will let you know for sure if your Sim is now pregnant.

Once you have confirmed your Sim is pregnant, it’s time to put the odds in your favor. You see, pregnancy is essentially random, so you’ll never know if you’ll have a single boy or girl, twins, or triplets.

However, you can make your Sim do certain actions that increase the chances of having twins. These actions include:

  • Unlocking the Fertile Satisfaction Reward Trait for your Sim. This costs 3,000 Satisfaction Points and makes it easier to conceive, and increases your chances of twins and triplets.
  • If you have Outdoor Retreat installed, your Sim can learn Herbalism, which they can use to brew Elixirs of Fertility, which increases their chances of having twins or triplets.
  • If you have Spa Day installed, you can get a Fertility Massage, which boosts the chances of having twins or triplets.
  • If you have Romantic Garden Stuff installed, a Sim can wish for a child at the Wishing Well, which will increase your odds of twins or triplets.
  • The City Living Lot Traits include On Ley Line, which boosts your chances of having twins or triplets.
The On Ley Line Lot Trait from City Living.

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If you’re looking to have twins, it’s in your best interested to do as many of these special actions with your Sim to improve your odds.

At the end of the day, the chances of having twins is still pretty random, but you can tip the odds in your favor. When it comes time to deliver the babies, if you get prompted to name two babies, that means you’ve had twins!

We hope this guide on how to have twins in The Sims 4 helped you, and please let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

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How to Have Twins in The Sims 4 – Twins Guide


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