How to Have Twins and Triplets in Virtual Families 3

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Having children in the Virtual Families game is a vital activity because when you play this game, you are not playing for one generation of little people, but until your family ceases to continue. Therefore, if twins or triplets are born in your family, this is very cool, because your family will not end. Many people say that the number of children is random, but we do not think so, so today we will figure out how you can increase the chances of having twins or triplets in your family.

How to Have Twins and Triplets in Virtual Families 3

The number of children that your little people have is random because even if both parents do not like children, there is a chance that they will have triplets, and this is completely normal and completely corresponds to real life.

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There is no way to get twins or triplets with a 100% chance, but there are some tips that will help you increase the chance of having several children at the same time:

  • If your little people try to make a baby while your other baby is jumping on the bed, the chance of getting twins or triplets will be much higher.
  • If both parents love children very much and use a baby booster, you are very likely to get twins or triplets.
  • Try to ensure that your little people lead a healthy lifestyle, namely, healthy eating, sleeping 6-8 hours, and not overworking much. If they do all this, they will always have many more children.

These are all the ways to get twins and triplets. If you know of other working ways to do this, we will be glad if you share them with us and other players in the comments.

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How to Have Twins and Triplets in Virtual Families 3


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